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Summer in Sweden

For three years now we have started planning for a Sweden trip, but ended up twice in Wales or Scotland instead. This year it shall be it, though I’ll start believing it when I’ve bought the Camping Key Europe card and the ferry tickets…

Camping 2003The corner posts are

  • Travemünde-Trelleborg as ferry entry point
  • BRIO lekoseum in Osby
  • Öland with Eketorp castle and a glass blower workshop
  • Astrid Lindgren’s world in Vimmerby
  • Stockholm with the Vasa
  • lakes Vänern/Vättern
  • Göta canal (Göta älv)
  • Copenhagen
  • Legoland in Billund

We have done a similar trip in 2009 with the children, though they were too little to remember too many details. In 2003 we had a quite different trip that involved only cycling and no children yet. As usual we will be camping with the adventure bus, and will be bringing our bikes for local trips. This time we are thinking about doing a longer bicycle trip (about 3 days) along the western part of the Göta canal, the Göta älv.

Bullerbyen 2009The route would roughly look like this in Google maps. Hey, it’s just a first sketch. For all we know we may end up in Cumbria after all!

When we took up planning for the UK, the children were quite happy with Für Eltern verboten: Großbritannien: Der cool verrückte Reiseführer (the German version of Not for Parents, a child-friendly guide by the Lonely Planet). So obviously we looked for Not for Parents Sweden this time. Alas, it wasn’t written yet! We may have to do just that.